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Hey Sue!
I thought you would like to see our calves we got from that nice bull we purchased from you. I think he is the best bull we ever owned.
Thank you!
Mr. Becenti

JD AZTEC GOLD 610 at Arizona National JD AZTEC GOLD 610

JD AZTEC GOLD 610 was always a crowd favorite when taken to town. In the spring of 2008 we sold Aztec to a commercial cow calf operation in southern Colorado, which was looking to take advantage of increased heterosis.  Although we enjoyed exhibiting Aztec, what has pleased us the most is that Aztec has excelled as a sire.  Our number one goal is to provide quality, profit-increasing seed stock for our customers, and we stand behind our cattle.  Come see if we can meet your seed stock needs!

Aztec heifer calf
Aztec steer calf

Heifer calf by Aztec

Steer calf by Aztec